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Monitor employee communication with clients. Manage all leads & tasks in one dashboard to improve your bottom line.

Our Client Dashboard puts success within reach, making it simpler than ever before to manage business tasks and client communication with ease. Keep everything running smoothly by taking advantage of this powerful system's efficient features that are designed to help you stay on top of the entire process!

Taking control of task management is key to achieving success both now and in the future!

  • Task/Cadence Automations
  • Quickbooks, Stripe and other Integrations
  • Leads and Task assignment
  • Scheduling & Automations
  • Reporting and Analytics
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    One Dashboard for

    All client communication

    With the help of our client dashboard, achieving business success has never been simpler. This innovative solution streamlines each step in any workflow process, ensuring tasks are completed quickly and correctly every time!


    Chat & Forms Setup

    With our streamlined chat and forms setup, leads are seamlessly integrated directly into our CRM - making it easier than ever to provide an efficient customer experience!

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    Phone Recording

    Keep track of all your client interactions effectively with our CRM- store every phone call and its details so you never miss a beat!

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    SMS & MMS

    Reach out to your customers with the click of a button, and never miss an important conversation again! Send SMS and MMS blasts in full confidence knowing that everything will be tracked and stored in one convenient system.

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    Social Media

    Keep tabs on your leads with our dashboard! Our website chat widget stores each lead directly in the dashboard, so you'll never miss out on a potential customer!

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    Online Marketing

    Our marketing dashboard will provide an all-inclusive view of your progress, making it easier to measure success and identify areas for improvement. Keep track of campaigns, ROI results, social media engagement, website visitors - you name it! With our organized system in place, marketers can stay on top of their game like never before.


    Email Marketing

    Reach thousands of customers with just a few clicks! Our user-friendly email marketing tool makes it easy to schedule campaigns, monitor leads and never miss an opportunity. Maximize your reach - start today!


    Social Media Management

    Keep your online presence organized and up to date with our one-stop social media management tool! You can easily manage messages, schedule posts, track page statistics, and observe progress - all in the same place. Transform how you interact on digital platforms today.

    Automated Reviews

    Marketing Funnels and Pages

    Imagine never having to worry about customers' reviews ever again! Thanks to one of our Dashboard Feature with this Automated Client Reviews your customer feedback is just a few clicks away. Gathering feedback from customers has never been easier or faster - no more time-consuming manual reviewing or combing through comments. 

    Optimize product features, customize your offerings, and increase customer satisfaction - all while saving time with our Online Client Review Dashboard!

    All-in-one Dashboard

    Say Goodbye to Complexity with the Ad-ios Client Dashboard!

    With its intuitive design, the AD-IOS Client Dashboard simplifies every step of the process. From tracking client interactions, to project progress, and tasks assigned, everything can be monitored and managed quickly and conveniently. The dashboard also features an activity log section which allows users to review all interaction histories in one place without having to search through multiple sources.

    Say goodbye to complex dashboards with the Ad-ios Client Dashboard! Streamline your workflow and ensure that projects run smoothly with a tool designed to make managing clients easier than ever before.


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